What to … use

True colours for great parties 


Velvet Lips for that Special Kiss 






Today I got inspired by MAC contouring face. If a few years ago contouring was more used by the runway models today, it´s becoming part of many girls´daily routine. And thanks to billions of makeup artist on YouTube we have become more educated in the art of makeup (thanks to all of you). So contouring should be a pice of cake and here comes the big BUT …. if you´re not paying careful attention things can go in the wrrrrong direction … ouch! It has to be just a subtle definition of the facial structure so BLEND, BLEND, BLEND and BLEND again. You don´t want anyone to notice the contouring, so don´t go for severe lines. Play with lights and shadows on your face so at the end you will get that  flawless look.

And don´t forget, don´t do it every day, let your skin breathe and keep your skin fresh.