From Bag to Backpack 🎒

Hello girls! What do you think of backpacks? I recently started use them and I found a lot of advantages! Backpacks aren´t just for school kids anymore.I know that when you finished high school you thought you will never put on one, or at least that is what I said hahahah. Anyway, I really enjoy my Harrods backpack that I bought on my last trip to London.


Makes storage easy – I can easily put in my camera, iPad, my notebook, makeup kit and my bottle of water. But I also like to use it just as an accessory, without a lot of stuffs in it.

Moving around is easy – When you enter a store, we all know how difficult is taking a good look at all clothing with your bag on the right hand. Or when we are in a crowded place we find it more difficult to move with our daily bag.

Keeps me organised – Since it contains different compartments, it makes it easier for me to reach to my things: lipstick, car keys, phone. My things don´t mix up anymore.

Proper storage – I have small compartments and large ones so this helps me a lot. It gives me space for everything. Small or large things, I find the proper place for them.

Saves my time – With a normal bag I always have problems in finding my keys, or my phone. We all know how we spend 5 minutes in front of the door house because we can not find the keys. Problem solved for me!


When you pick one, make sure purchase one which best suits you. You may need one with a special purpose or maybe you want one just for fashion. I have to be honest, for me is more fashion, but I did found advantages that I never thought of and I´m using my backpack like 3 days a week. What do you think about them?


the stylish confident



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