Follow the Colours

Hello beautiful ladies, today I got inspired by colours, by catwalk and fashion. Colour speaks a powerful language and reveals how we relate to ourselves and our world. So colour in fashionable and ceremonial dressing has played a significant role, indicating acceptance and exclusion, convention and subversion.

Colours,  not only intensify and boost the appearance, they also have a big influence to our behaviour (the way we move, talk and act). It’s to your advantage responses to colour and use it in different combinations and styles. Don´t hide away from them.


The colour of the sky stands as the protagonist of the season in all versions of his chromatic palette. Blue is the most common color—especially since blue jeans are everywhere! Bet on a men’s coat style, a pastel bag, or a sweater. It express knowledge, trust, authority, responsibility, peace, loyalty, integrity, social status and happiness .

PINK — Pink govern the hot, cool and stylish outfits that you can adopt for an evening disco. In fashion, it expresses feminism. Pink is the color of happiness and is sometimes seen as lighthearted. In clothing, the pink color is a basic that should not be missing in your closet as it always remains elegant and withstand any type of style. It is a color that conveys aesthetic sense, tranquility and happiness.

PURPLE — Like red, purple is a very stimulating colour which can boost your energy level when you see it. Because of the fact that for a very long time it was very had to get, Purple has always been considered the colour of royalty. Is the colour of luxury and passion, of princely robes and papal vestments. It´s spiritual, passionate, powerful and respected.


The colour offers you the approach for making your personal style, updating your wardrobe, choosing the perfect lipstick, the right shoes and the matching bag. Choose your mix of colours based on your facial features: flesh tones, hair and eye colour. But don’t  forget about emotions, about your vulnerable colour, the “look at me ” colour, your peaceful colour and the colour that supports you when you need it. Put on the shade and the intensity that will bring out the best in you.

We find colours in all Fashion Shows but can you find colours in your closet? Go for it, go for colours, choose to express your emotions, your identity, your style .

XOXO 💋 in colours with love,

The stylish Confident



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