Why go to the GYM?

You have probably tried several times to go “seriously” at gym. And every time, you went no more than 3 weeks because something came up. Then you found that your subscription has expired and simply you couldn’t find time to renew it. While you are thinking to go back training you remember that you already made plans for the rest of the week. And unforeseen events keeps rising up till you notice that there is no point to go anyway because winter comes and you can hide your tummy under the warm clothes.

If you find yourself among the above, surely you are aware that you are doing something wrong. Sure, you can start it again, maybe take some friends with you, pay a year subscription but you will give up again. And now you are wondering why someone can stick to his job and to the gym regularly while others can´t.

The key of success? It´s not discipline or willpower, as many might think. If you want to stick to the gym you have to turn exercising to a habit. I will give you some tips that can help you thinking about going to gym as trivial as drinking water.

  1. SET YOUR GOAL. What exactly do you want to achieve? Think about it. It may be bigger muscles, more strength, higher resistance or speed. If you have more than one make a hierarchy but start with your first goal and do not force yourself to achieve all your objectives from the start.
  2. ESTABLISH A DEADLINE. Until x date you manage to fulfill your primary goal. You can write all the data on a sheet and stick it to the fridge, computer, mirror so you can see it several times a day.
  3. MAKE A PLAN. Once you have cleared up that you want to accomplish in the gym you have to make a plan to help you get what you want. If you are looking for resistance go to spinning classes or go for cardio exercises. If you want strength go for weightlifting …. and so on. If you don´t want to attend classes plan from home your type of experiences (how many sets and how many reps you do).

Don´t forget, your time is precious, so every minute you spend in the gym has to bring you closer to your objective. Don´t waste time making 15 min conversation. I know it´s health to socialise, but don´t forget why you are there.

STICK TO YOUR PLAN – You may have those days when your mind says YES but your body NO, but no matter what, if it´s gym day YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE GYM.

BE CONFIDENT – Believe in yourself, you can accomplish anything you want. Don´t take “I don´t want to” to “I can´t”. YOU CAN.

DO NOT FORGET – Be patient at least one month until you see the results. It may take one month and a lot of work to see the first results. This should not scare you, it´s just like a face treatment that you have to use several time to see the changes. When you will pass this critical period, you will start going to the gym almost by inertia. You will feel how your body ask for more workout.

I like sport in all forms. I started with Zumba and aerobic several years ago, then I stopped for one year. After that I started with Body Pump and Spinning. Now I do cross fit, weightlifting and I organise my one exercises, following Instagram tutorials to bring something new each day in my routine.

If there is ONE person there, that after reading my post will feel motivated to start working out …. for me it means a lot and you have to know that I´m here with any advice that you may need.


The Stylish Confident



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