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Hello girls, 😊! Today I will make a short post about an app that I recently download. Lalalab, I don´t know if you heard of it, I saw it on someone’s  post on internet and I gave it a try. Today I received the package from them, so I thought writing about it.


Their Moto is “Lalalab. Print great moments”, sounds great right? What they really do is print your photos and deliver them to your door. So you choose your photos and the type of product that you want and VOILA. You can choose between normal prints, photo book, boxes, calendar with you photos, magnets, posters, cards, canvases, frame photos or iPhone cases. My choice was the magnets.


I gave it a try and I ended very happy and satisfied by the product I received. I chose the magnets because I found it to be a nice gift for my home 😋. And to be honest, because I didn’t know how it really works, I chose the cheapest option (in case that something bad happens 😂😋). But, like I said before, I ended really happy with my product. I paid 11,90€ + 3€ shipment cost, they gave me a 20% off the total cost.

The magnets came in a nice small packaging and they are top quality. I will put some picture so you can look for yourself. I forgot to mention that they arrived in 6 days, just like they said (5-7 days).

Also, in the package you can find a scratch and win ticket hidden inside (I found a code and I had to register it on the app – in my case the app doesn’t do nothing when I press “discover my prize” button). Anyway, I don´t mind it, I will try it again tomorrow  Down you can see my fridge how it looks like with the magnets.

There is a trick, if you buy from them they give you a code to share it on social media. With this code you give your friends 5€ for their first purchase, and earn 5€ when they buy! If I knew earlier I would have look on Instagram to use someone’s code 😂😂 .  But lucky you if you want to try it, because I give you my code. 😁 so we both win 😁 I´m just honest 😂

If you will try this or already tried this, let me know and tell me about your experience. I will be waiting your comments. If you know great apps like this share it with all of us.


Till next time, enjoy your night (in ibiza it´s already 11 pm)!


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