Nude shades … perfect on Sundays

Hello again ✌🏻😊

Today I had a lazy Sunday, we all deserve one lazy day once in a while. Just staying on the sofa, watching TV, reading a book, checking out Instagram and sharing kisses with my boyfriend. Missed this kind of days. Anyway, we did went for a walk, a short one. As I told you in the yesterday post, I live in Ibiza, so we don´t have a real winter time. It feels more like spring or autumn (depending the day).

Today was a great sunny day so I went for some white Jeans, beige heigh boots, a nude knit blouse and a grey coat. What do you think about Nude shades?  I feel very comfortable and confident with this style. Actually I put on only that clothing that makes me feel confident, it can be jeans and sneakers or high heels with a sexy dress. Like they say, style lives within a person. Which style do you prefer? My opinion is that as long as you wear your real style you will never be wrong.


Designer Pamela Roland said “Nudes are a group of elegant shades, but there are a lot of specific shades”. In fashion, the word is most often used to describe a shade that is a little darker than champagne, litter lighter than sand and perhaps with a hint of blush or peach. The same designer said “Colours are loud. Nudes are a soft whisper – a sexy and elegant whisper. Nude allows a woman to wear her dress instead of the dress wearing her. It´s very elegant.” Indeed, I feel very elegant and sexy wearing Nude shades. What I also noticed, that my makeup stand out when wearing nude, so don´t hurry with makeup. This is the time to put in practice all those youtube makeup tutorials 😋.

Today, we find nude in nail polish, blush tones, lipstick, shoes, clothing, accessories. So you can´t go wrong wearing Nude. What do you think? Are you a stand out colour type girl or more like a nude one? Honestly, I prefer both.


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