Confessions about Ibiza

Hello there, so today I´m going to tell you a  short story about Ibiza. I know that now you are all thinking about the nº1 party island, but it´s more than that, there is much more to discover about this amazing place.  I got in love with this place 4 years ago when I moved here. I like the people, I love the places. It´s amazing waking up and take breakfast in front of the sea or enjoy your wine with your girlfriends in a stylish yacht.


Every summer Ibiza is ready to receive millions of tourists that come here to get the Ibiza experience. The innovative music scene attract people from all the globe, and the best Djs are playing their music each night. We all know that Ibiza gave the music industry a lot of famous DJs and transformed unknown people in real superstars.

What started like small bars, Flower Power culture, turned into empires and international brands. So today we see in Ibiza luxurious restaurants, fine places to dine, exquisite clubs great spas and great beaches. It doesn’t matter if you come with friends, boyfriend or family, you´ll find great at places to go and spend your holidays.


Ibiza has some truly beautiful beaches so remember to bring your sunglasses and your sun lotion. Get ready to explore every beach club. Whether you come for Summer Holidays or Winter Breaks, the island of Ibiza is a TOP destination, it offer something for everybody. I enjoy the summers to party and live life at best possible and on winters I focus about myself, reading a book, going to gym or going to a walk with my boyfriend to the empty beaches.

Through my blog I will try to keep you informed about great places to go and maybe it will help you if you ever come here. And if you didn’t thought about coming here maybe, with my posts, I will change your mind ☺️😊😁. Sooooo …. this is my short impression about the island, now, I would like to know which is your first thought when you hear Ibiza?




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