A cleanser is a cleanser?!

One of the more important actions in any beauty routine or face care is to use facial cleansers based to the needs of every skin type. Facial cleansing is essential to remove all traces of makeup, as well as any dirt and excess oil.

img_2799-1We should do this at the end of each day.

Surely you have tried thousands of products and you found it difficult to choose the right product. I admit that to me is quite difficult to choose the right facial cleanser. I usually spend 15 min in the store, reading the back of each product when I don´t know what to buy. Your mind says “It´s all the same” … BUT … it´s NOT.

It should be noted that skin type influence our choice of cosmetics. Clearly, an oil-based product is good for dry skin, but it will not be as good for oily skin. Also, some products may leave a greasy feeling on the skin, and for me is not pleasant at all.

Facial Cleansers according to skin types:

Mixed skin: I think that most of us have this type of skin. The skin tend to be dry or normal in some areas of the face and oily in others, such as chin, nose and forehead (known as the T-zone). In this case one great option is the micellar water. For me this product is a miracle, it dissolve all bad stuff that lies on the surface of my skin and in my pores. Also I use foaming Cleansers, they leave my face very clean and extra fresh. I use Avène products because my dermatologist recommended to me but there are a lot of products an the market.

Normal skin: the truth is that it is difficult to have a normal skin, so lucky you if you have one. This type of skin is the best. Why? Because there are none or few imperfections and no severe sensitivity. Therefore you can use almost any type of facial cleansing. Go for complete treatments for an extra hydrated face.


Dry skin: In this case we face with less elastic skin and rough complexion. Try using creamy facial cleansers and avoid astringent products. This type of skin needs lot of hydration so don´t forget about the after creams.

Don´t forget girls, “the best foundation you can wear is glowing healthy skin. Invest in your skin because it is going to be with you for a long time.”


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