Better alone -?! things we miss

We all know how great is having someone to love, to have fun with, to share things and moments together (even if it´s a boyfriend or just a best friend) but we can´t deny that we change habits once we are in a relationship or share flat with someone. I´m in a relationship and I … Continue reading Better alone -?! things we miss


The Blogger Recognition Award

Sooo..... where do I start?! The last few weeks I was reading about this reward and congratulating people about it, but I was not thinking of being nominated! But, I just got nominated for this award and is something totally unexpected and got me by surprise!  It feels great to know that you guys read my … Continue reading The Blogger Recognition Award

Real women “Emotional”- Pirelli

The Stylish Confident

Today I got my inspiration from the Pirelli 2017 calendar, it has to be a January favourite. Peter Lindbergh is the photographer and he marks the calendar with images that have not been retouched. The new calendar is a come back to natural beauty, to the real woman. “Beauty is just commercial interest, as you see in magazines, women are washed out from every experience. That´s just the opposite of what I wanted. These are the most talented women and I admire in the entire world. They are emotional and I wanted to show that” – by Lindbergh at the official press conference in Paris.

The calendar has been titled “Emotional” and shows beauty in black and white. The women we find in the calendar are strong and powerful women with a big impact over Hollywood industry: Nicole Kidman, Uma Thurman, Kate Winslet, Penelope Cruz, Robin Wright, Lupita Nyong´o, Lea…

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If not Saturday night is the time for a spectacular makeup, then when? Put on one of the festive looks inspired by the season trends. Pièce De Résistance: GLITTER If you think glitter only makes your makeup heavy and complicates your life, applying it correctly you will discover the true value of it. Glitter, used according to … Continue reading GLAM NIGHTS

Follow the Colours

Hello beautiful ladies, today I got inspired by colours, by catwalk and fashion. Colour speaks a powerful language and reveals how we relate to ourselves and our world. So colour in fashionable and ceremonial dressing has played a significant role, indicating acceptance and exclusion, convention and subversion. Colours,  not only intensify and boost the appearance, they also have a big influence … Continue reading Follow the Colours